We are a highly motivated and dedicated team that has established this foundation to help all those affected by war, poverty, discrimination and natural disasters. By bringing some of the facts and figures to the forefront, we hope to build awareness on a more regular basis. We need your input, reports and assistance too.

Everyday Refugees Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation for which donations are indispensable in continuing to share stories, to document the refugees crises around the world, and to bring help to the people by delivering your donations through our projects.

If you like what we are doing at Everyday Refugees Foundation and want to support us in our work, your donations are very welcome! You can support us by donating here:

Make a donation via Paypal here:

Or make a donation directly to:

Stichting Everyday Refugees
IBAN: NL13 TRIO 0338 6671 56

If you wish to stay in touch with the foundation please leave us a message, your input is so valuable to us.


Help begins with awareness of the issue. Help can also be a simple act of kindness, a donation, or becoming personally involved as a volunteer in our foundation. To get involved, please contact us for more information:


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