As long as we can remember there have been conflicts in several parts of the world, and as long as there have been conflicts there have been refugees and internally displaced people who are forced to flee out of fear for their safety, leaving everything behind, their homes, their memories and their loved ones, suffering from physical and physiological scars. They often find safety and comfort in refugee camps however the living conditions could be harsh.

Everyday Refugees Foundation aims to help refugees and people displaced internally by wars, natural disasters, discrimination, etc. in several ways.

Our goal is to raise public awareness by documenting and sharing their stories with you. On our social media feeds and this website, you will find pictures of their daily lives, their struggle and the little sparks of hope that they still have. In the future, we would also like to raise awareness by providing lectures and presentations about refugees where we display images to get people involved and create understanding about the global refugee crisis.

Another way we try to help is by empowering the refugees and improving their self-reliance. By supporting projects such as building schools, giving photography workshops and donating clothes, foods and other necessary supplies we help them to build their future. We also stay involved with refugees when they receive their asylum or reach a place where they feel safe, by teaching essential skills such as a new language and other skills to fasten their integration process.

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